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„Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once said one does not need to travel around the world to understand that the sky is blue everywhere. I’m not so sure… “ /via Alexander Gerst/ESA






Bilder vom 1. September – 4. September 2018 via Alexander Gerst  (Deutschland/ESA), Andrew J. Feustel  (USA/NASA) und Oleg Artemjew  (Russland/Roskosmos). Die Astronauten   Alexander Gerst, Andrew J. Feustel und Oleg Artemjew gehören zur ISS-Expedition 56.




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„Sometimes I have a hard time comprehending that these landscapes are real down there. Like mountain ranges that consist of one active volcano next to another, for hundreds of kilometres. (here: the Andes) “ /via Alexander Gerst/ESA

„Glad to see that the rain held off for qualifying today. has a lockout but there are a lot of laps between start and finish. To the fans and teams, have a good and safe weekend at the from . “ /via Andrew J. Feustel /NASA

„Hello . I am glad to see that the sky is clear…because I finally got a photo of the track today! Wishing you all a safe race today from . “ /via Andrew J. Feustel /NASA

„A painting or a picture? The vivid blue hues of the shallower depths of are caused by light reflecting off of the fine white sand particles, primarily composed of broken down shells and coral. “ /via Andrew J. Feustel /NASA





Bilder vom 27. März 2018 – 14. Juni 2018 via Andrew J. Feustel  (USA/NASA), Richard R. Arnold  (USA/NASA) und Oleg Artemjew  (Russland/Roskosmos). Die Astronauten Andrew J. Feustel, Richard R. Arnold und Oleg Artemjew gehören zur ISS-Expedition 56.




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International Space Station

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„The slate grey ocean swirls around the Cape of Good Hope in . Beautiful managed to avoid “Day Zero” for the near term, but water scarcity remains a global challenge. “ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

„Приветствую всех с борта МКС, теперь я с вами на связи! Но на сердце очень тяжело сейчас… В Кемерово произошла ужасная трагедия! Хочу выразить слова самого искреннего сожаления, сочувствия в адрес близких погибших, а также желаю скорейшего выздоровления всем пострадавшим… “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

„Отправили сегодня в долгий обратный путь „космический грузовик“. В долгий – потому что сход с орбиты у него будет только в конце апреля. А пока что он будет находиться в автономном полете. Undocking has been done! Bye-bye, Progress! “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

“ The first thing I saw in the ISS window — a «leaf» in .“ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

“ Во время прошлого полета мне удалось заснять Суперлуние, надеюсь, что и в этот раз повезет! А пока что я тренируюсь на просто полной Луне… вообще-то мне кажется, что Луна всегда Супер 😉 . It is not a Supermoon, but I think the moon is always super 😉“ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

„Do you recognize the island? is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and Aphrodite’s mythical birthplace. “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

“ Hello and race fans. As a dual US/Canadian citizen, I wish I could be there with you in beautiful Montreal. What a great venue for a racing weekend. “ /via Andrew J. Feustel /NASA




Bilder vom 8. Mai 2018 – 9. Juni 2018 2018 via Andrew J. Feustel  (USA/NASA) und Richard R. Arnold  (USA/NASA). . Die Astronauten Andrew J. Feustel und Richard R. Arnold gehören zur ISS-Expedition 56.




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International Space Station

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„It is sure to be a hot race at for drivers, teams and fans. Always great to see the cars under the lights in a place not far from home in Houston! “ /via Andrew J. Feustel /NASA

“ Today welcomed the Soyuz carrying Sergey Prokopyev and . It was exciting to see them approach and we were happy to break bread at dinner. Expedition 56 is complete!“ /via Andrew J. Feustel /NASA

“ Mt Fuji – ‘s second highest point. A photo taken during our last spacewalk shows Japan’s highest point for the sake of comparison.“ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

& the Sea of Cortez “All things are…bound together by the elastic string of time. It is advisable to look from the tide pool to the stars and back to the tide pool again.” -John Steinbeck “ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

& the Canary Islands “Then there is the sky, compared to which all other skies seem faint-hearted efforts.” -Paul Bowles on the Sahara “ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

„Fishing boats look like stars seemingly adrift in the Gulf of while lights of illuminate the distant shore. “ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

“ We launched to on a spacecraft called “Hawai’i”. We flew over our namesake today and are sending much aloha to everyone there. The plume from is visible from space.“ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

„The stunning beauty and fragility of our atmosphere is best revealed at dawn, when the sun gently illuminates towering clouds on the distant horizon. “ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

„Springtime in the Chesapeake Bay region. “ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

„The Great Lakes looking grand on a clear spring day. “ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

„An amazing view of our one and only planet. “ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

“ Winter is coming to . Someday soon, I want to be there too. “ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

„“If I am a poet, …the air of has made me one.“ -Lord Byron “ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

“ „I wished on the moon, for more than I ever knew. A sweeter rose, a softer sky. On April days that would not dance away…“ -Dorothy Parker (though only Billie Holiday did it justice)“ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

“ After transiting & the atolls of , arrives to carrying science & supplies to our outpost in space.“ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

„The rich pastels of Earth where the once mighty struggles to reach the sea in . “ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

„Happy , Hon! “ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA




Bilder vom 25. März 2018 – 7. Mai 2018 via Richard R. Arnold  (USA/NASA). Der Astronaut Richard R. Arnold gehört zur ISS-Expedition 56.



Rakete erfolgreich gestartet – Alexander Gerst auf dem Weg zur ISS






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„Celebrating on . day is dedicated to increasing awareness about epilepsy worldwide – because it is more common than you think! “ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

„Selamat pagi Indonesia – a place I once called home. Java, Bali, & Lombok all lined up neatly in a row. The narrow straights between Bali and Java are known as the Wallace Line. Alfred Russel Wallace formulated his own theory of evolution based on his time on these islands. “ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

„. – we could see that one from up here! “ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

„My view of and all of you.“ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

“ G’day Australia and New Guinea.“ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

“ The Sea of Galilee on Easter Monday.“ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

“ Welcome 14 – packed with science and hopefully a few goodies for us too!“ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

“ “Florida thrusts like a guiding thumb. To the southern islands of rumba and rum.“ – Don Blanding“ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

„Sunrise crashes an aurora party over the southern hemisphere. “ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

“ Cape Cod, MA. I once briefly worked at , USA’s 2nd National Seashore and the setting of Thoreau’s “The Outermost House”. Our national seashores are a treasure shared by all.“ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

„Namibia – where the desert meets the sea. “ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

“ “San Francisco has only one drawback—‘tis hard to leave.”~Rudyard Kipling The entire Golden State of California was visible on a magnificent transit. It receded from view far too quickly.“ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

„The Enchanted Islands of – the Galápagos. “ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

“ The volcanic Cape Verde Islands off the west coast of Africa leave a wake as the air and sea flow over and around them.“ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

„The interplay of ice, sea and clouds near Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick! A warm “hello” to my long-lost cousins in New Brunswick and Cassidy Megan (who started ) in Nova Scotia! “ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

„Winter’s web still ensnares parts of Oregon. “ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

„These coral atolls, seemingly adrift in the blue of the Indian Ocean, are a part of the . Formed by reef-building organisms, atolls are one of our most at-risk places from rising seas. – we are all connected and we are all in this together. “ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

“ The mighty Nile and its delta – a ribbon of green in an otherwise arid landscape. “ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

“ The majestic and storied Nile River delta at night. Fishing boats in the Mediterranean are visible just off shore.“ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

“ „This is the most beautiful place on Earth. There are many such places. Every man, every woman, carries in heart and mind the image of the ideal place, the right place, the one true home, known or unknown, actual or visionary.“ – Edward Abbey “ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

“ „Doubly happy, however, is the man to whom lofty mountain tops are within reach, for the lights that shine there illumine all that lies below.“ – John Muir on Mount Rainier. “ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

„“…The grass and water that is the meaning and the central fact of the Everglades. It is a river of grass.“ – Marjory Stoneman Douglas The flow and human interruption of this river is clearly visible from space. “ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

„Crater Lake National Park is part of a long string of volcanoes towering over the Pacific Northwest of the United States. “ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

„Where else can you sit on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean while reading a book and watching whales feed? Additionally, the Channel Islands are home to many plants and animals found no place else on Earth. “ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

“ The Grand Canyon – to find the largest canyon in the solar system you would need to travel to Mars. Road trip! “ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

„Yellowstone National Park is the America’s first park and still one of the world’s best. Very active tectonically, the park encompasses the caldera of a “supervolcano” that will one day reshape our planet. “ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

“ Happy ! I’ll be eating red beans & rice and listening to jazz on , but it just won’t be the same. New Orleans, LA – the birthplace of Jazz.“ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

„Good morning ! “ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

“ The smoldering cauldron of Mount Etna on the island of Sicily. “ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

“ Along the coast between and , where the shore tumbles down into the sea.“ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

“ Всех, кто сегодня отмечает Рождество, поздравляю с праздником! Здоровья и благополучия! // Wishing a Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate it today!“ /via Anton Schkaplerow/Roskosmos




Bilder vom 7. Januar 2018 – 12. Januar 2018 via Anton Schkaplerow  (Russland/Roskosmos). Der Kosmonaut Anton Schkaplerow gehört zur ISS-Expedition 54.




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International Space Station

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“ Пролетаем над Грецией. Особо внимательные смогут разглядеть столицу и самый большой город этой страны – . // Flight over . Also you can see – the capital and largest city of Greece.“ /via Anton Schkaplerow/Roskosmos

“ My collection of Zero-G Indicators in the Cupola module. A toy poodle at the moment with us. Olaf flew with me aboard Soyuz and the ISS during my second space flight (2014-2015). And a red Angry Bird from my first expedition (2011-2012).“ /via Anton Schkaplerow/Roskosmos

“ My collection of Zero-G Indicators in the Cupola module. A toy poodle at the moment with us. Olaf flew with me aboard Soyuz and the ISS during my second space flight (2014-2015). And a red Angry Bird from my first expedition (2011-2012).“ /via Anton Schkaplerow/Roskosmos

“ My collection of Zero-G Indicators in the Cupola module. A toy poodle at the moment with us. Olaf flew with me aboard Soyuz and the ISS during my second space flight (2014-2015). And a red Angry Bird from my first expedition (2011-2012).“ /via Anton Schkaplerow/Roskosmos

легко узнать по реке и её дельте, а рядом – Суэцкий канал, который считается условной границей между Африкой и Евразией. // The delta and Suez canal from the International Space Station.“ /via Anton Schkaplerow/Roskosmos

– архипелаг, в состав которого входит около 40 тысяч островов! Он находится на крайнем юге Южной Америки. // Tierra del Fuego – is an archipelago off the southernmost tip of the South American mainland.“ /via Anton Schkaplerow/Roskosmos

„Day 318. Over a night. Wishes for a happy ! from ! “ /via Scott Kelly/NASA




Bilder vom 9. Februar 2016 – 14. Februar 2016 via Scott Kelly (USA/NASA). Der Astronaut  Scott Kelly gehörte zur ISS-Expedition 46.


The Data2364-space Daily

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san, your majesty casts a wide shadow! YearInSpace! “ /via Scott Kelly/NASA

Pearl of the Orient from !  “ /via Scott Kelly/NASA

„Day 319. Lights out on a vivid . from ! “ /via Scott Kelly/NASA

„Day 320. A nice way to end a long and busy day at work. from ! “ /via Scott Kelly/NASA

“ Good afternoon ! Hope to see you up close some day.  “ /via Scott Kelly/NASA

“ Day 321. Beautiful . Beautiful . from !  “ /via Scott Kelly/NASA

 “ /via Scott Kelly/NASA

“ The snowy foothills of .  “ /via Scott Kelly/NASA

“ Day 322. at night this morning. from !  “ /via Scott Kelly/NASA

„Day 323. If you can dream it, you can do it. from ! “ /via Scott Kelly/NASA

“ Nursed the all the way to today and now all that remains are memories. Happy Day!“ /via Scott Kelly/NASA

“ That even looks cold from here! !  “ /via Scott Kelly/NASA

„Облака (Clouds ) http://www.artemjew.ru/2015/04/12/clouds041/ “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos


Bilder via Oleg Artemjew (Russland/Roskosmos). Der Kosmonaut Oleg Artemjew gehörte zur ISS-Expedition 40.



The Data2364-space Daily

Oleg Artemjew auf Twitter

Рион-Андирион (Rio–Antirrio ) http://www.artemjew.ru/2015/04/13/rio-antirrio-bridge/ “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

„Что это за место и где оно находится? (What/where is this Place? ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

„Над Аралом (Over the ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

. Дельта Нила (. Delta ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

( ) http://www.artemjew.ru/2015/04/17/clouds417/ “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

„Что это за место и что за город? (What is this Place? What is this Town? ) http://www.artemjew.ru/2015/04/18/what3/ “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

„Что это за место и что за город? (What is this Place? What is this Town? ) http://www.artemjew.ru/2015/04/18/what3/ “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

„На границе Нью-Мексико и (/New Mexico Border ) http://www.artemjew.ru/2015/04/19/usa/ “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

„Города мира – (Cities of the World – ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

„Города мира – (Cities of the World – ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

„Манипулятор на фоне океана (Manipulator & Сloudy ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

Земли — ( ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

( ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

( ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

„На заре… (At the crack of ) http://www.artemjew.ru/2015/04/26/spsr/ “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

„Города мира – , (Cities of the World – , ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

„Города мира – , (Cities of the World – , ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

„Вид на с ( ) http://www.artemjew.ru/2015/04/28/him “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

„Космическая жевательная резинка (Space Shewing Gum ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

на границе ( on the Border of & ) http://www.artemjew.ru/2015/05/01/euphrates/ “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

Лагуна дель Мауле (Laguna del Maule ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

„Коринфский перешеек и п-ов ( Isthmus & Рeninsula ) http://www.artemjew.ru/2015/05/04/corinth/ “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

( ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

у берегов ( ) http://www.artemjew.ru/2015/05/07/iceberg/ “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

( ) http://www.artemjew.ru/2015/05/08/clouds051/ “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

„Юг (Southern ) http://www.artemjew.ru/2015/05/11/southern-italy/ “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

( ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

( ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

над океаном ( over the ) http://www.artemjew.ru/2015/05/13/typhoon/ “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

„Абу-Минкар (Abu-Minqar ) http://www.artemjew.ru/2015/05/14/abu-minqar/ “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

„Облачные узоры над голубым (Cloudy over the Blue ) http://www.artemjew.ru/2015/05/16/clouds052/ “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

„Полярное сияние над Южным Полюсом ( over the South Pole ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

„Над и (Over and ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

( ) http://www.artemjew.ru/2015/05/20/everest/ “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

„Звёздное небо пояс Ориона ( Orion’s Belt ) http://www.artemjew.ru/2015/05/21/orion/ “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

и ( in & ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

и ( in & ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

„Узоры ливийской пустыни (Patterns in the Libyan ) http://www.artemjew.ru/#prettyPhoto “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

„Узоры ливийской пустыни (Patterns in the Libyan ) http://www.artemjew.ru/#prettyPhoto “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

реки Каспийское море ( of the in ) http://www.artemjew.ru/2015/05/24/ural-delta/ “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

„Готов к выходу в космос (Before ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

и ( and ) http://www.artemjew.ru/2015/05/27/ukraine-crimea/ “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

, ( , ) http://www.artemjew.ru/2015/05/28/olhon/ “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

(Amu Darya ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

„Hello ! You looked gorgeous this Saturday morning from !“ /via Samantha Cristoforett/ESA


Bilder vom 20./21. Dezember 2014 via Samantha Cristoforetti ((Italien/ESA) und Terry Virts (USA/NASA). Die Astronauten Samantha Cristoforetti und Terry Virts gehören zur ISS-Expedition 42




The Data2364-space Daily


„.@fabfazio Certo che abbiamo l’alberello di Natale,persino le calze per i regali. Buon Natale a tutti! “ /via Samantha Cristoforett/ESA

„Colors emerging from darkness. Colori che emergono dall’oscurita‘. “ /via Samantha Cristoforett/ESA

„Simple colors colliding on planet Earth. Semplici colori che collidono sul pianeta Terra. “ /via Samantha Cristoforett/ESA

„And colors flowing into shapes and textures. E colori che fluiscono in forme. “ /via Samantha Cristoforett/ESA

„And then this came into view. Amazing! Part of the Great Barrier Reef in the Coral Sea. “ /via Samantha Cristoforett/ESA

„Snow-capped Western Alps. Amazing how that little cloud can cast such a big shadow on the Po plane in !“ /via Samantha Cristoforett/ESA

„Over Leptis Magna archeological site in , among most beautiful cities of Roman Empire! “ /via Samantha Cristoforett/ESA

„Hello and ! You passed by as I was exercising friday. Was happy to take a short break!“ /via Samantha Cristoforett/ESA

„Cradle of civilization! Easy to see why it has that name when you view it from space.“ /via Terry Virts/NASA

„Splendor of color and lights where meets “ /via Terry Virts/NASA

„Looking west over the Middle East, all the way into , and up to the stars“ /via Terry Virts/NASA

„Haircut day on ISS. doesn’t charge much. But I tip well“ /via Terry Virts/NASA

„Tierra Del Fuego and the Strait of Magellan “ /via Terry Virts/NASA

„Isla Socorro West of – there are amazingly Islands that unexpectedly pop up in the Pacific“ /via Terry Virts/NASA

„On COLBERT treadmill saying My singing debut 4.5 min into this video “ /via Terry Virts/NASA

„Watching play in the Potato Bowl. Up 6-3!“ /via Terry Virts/NASA

„Looking back into sunglint across – you need sunglasses for this!“ /via Terry Virts/NASA

mountains “ /via Terry Virts/NASA

mountains “ /via Terry Virts/NASA

“ /via Terry Virts/NASA

„this terrain looks beautiful but rugged- central and southern “ /via Terry Virts/NASA

„this terrain looks beautiful but rugged- central and southern “ /via Terry Virts/NASA

„Good night and Wǎn’ān běijīng hé tiānjīn 晚安北京和天津 “ /via Terry Virts/NASA

„The bright lights of contrasting North Korean darkness- bright dots on right are fishing boats“ /via Terry Virts/NASA

„Amazing night view from cloudy , across to – looks so small from space!“ /via Terry Virts/NASA

„where Africa meets Europe – and across the Mediterranean from “  /via Terry Virts/NASA

mountain range“ /via Terry Virts/NASA

mountain range“ /via Terry Virts/NASA

mountain range“ /via Terry Virts/NASA

„Western “ /via Terry Virts/NASA

„Western “ /via Terry Virts/NASA

„Western “ /via Terry Virts/NASA

at dusk“ /via Terry Virts/NASA

„Lake Van, eastern Turkey. October 17.“ /via Karen Nyberg/NASA (Click here for bigger picture)


Bilder vom 19. Oktober 2013 via Karen Nyberg (USA/NASA), Luca Parmitano (Italien/ESA) und Michael Hopkins (USA/NASA). Die Astronauten Karen Nyberg, Luca Parmitano und Michael Hopkins gehören zur ISS-Expedition 37.


Karen Nyberg auf Twitter

Luca Parmitano auf Twitter

Michael Hopkins auf Twitter

Karen Nyberg auf Pinterest

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Volare Blog von Luca Parmitano

Website von Luca Parmitano

Luca Parmitano auf Google+

Luca Parmitano auf Facebook

Luca Parmitano auf Flickr


„The moon rising as the sun sets. With #Cygnus. October 19.“ /via Karen Nyberg/NASA (Click here for bigger picture)


„The Grand Canyon. October 19.“ /via Karen Nyberg/NASA (Click here for bigger picture)


„Harnessed and ready for the BP-Reg experiment (for blood pressure) #Volare“ /via Luca Parmitano/ESA (Click here for bigger picture)


„The massive grandiosity of the Gran Sasso. La grandiosa maestosità del Gran Sasso. #Volare“ /via Luca Parmitano/ESA (Click here for bigger picture)


„In Saudi Arabia, a solitary rock formation in the middle of the desert #Volare“ /via Luca Parmitano/ESA (Click here for bigger picture)


„The moon is reflected off the low waters south of #Mecca. La luna si specchia nelle basse acque a sud di Mecca“ /via Luca Parmitano/ESA (Click here for bigger picture)


„The ever fascinating #Cairo and Nile delta. Affascinanti anche di notte, il Cairo e il delta del Nilo #Volare“ /via Luca Parmitano/ESA (Click here for bigger picture)


„past few nights over Europe & Middle East have been amazing with the moonlight. Check out the alps from 260 mls up“ /via Michael Hopkins/NASA



“The Nile Delta, feeding the Mediterranean Sea. July 10.” /via Karen Nyberg/NASA


Bild vom 13. Juli 2013 via Karen Nyberg (USA/NASA) auf Twitter (@AstroKarenN). Kairo (ist die Hauptstadt Ägyptens und die größte Stadt der arabischen Welt) ist zu sehen. Kairo hat eine Stadtfläche von 214 Quadratkilometern und liegt im Nordosten des Landes auf dem rechten Nilufer. Kairo ist das politische, wirtschaftliche und kulturelle Zentrum Ägyptens und der Arabischen Welt. Kairo ist der bedeutendste Verkehrsknotenpunkt Ägyptens und besitzt zahlreiche Universitäten, Hochschulen, Theater, Museen sowie Baudenkmäler. Die Altstadt von Kairo ist ein Ensemble islamischer Baukunst und wird seit 1979 von der UNESCO als Weltkulturerbe anerkannt.