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„Be sure to wear flowers in your hair. Photograph of San Francisco and the California coast from the International Space Station by Astronaut Karen Nyberg 25 September 2013.“ /via Karen Nyberg/NASA


Bilder vom 28. September 2013 via Karen Nyberg (USA/NASA), Luca Parmitano (Italien/ESA) und Michael Hopkins (USA/NASA) auf Twitter (@AstroKarenN, @astro_luca und @AstroIllini). Die Astronauten Karen Nyberg, Luca Parmitano und Michael Hopkins gehören zur ISS-Expedition 37.


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„Beautiful yet barren landscapes in the Andes. Paesaggi di desolata bellezza nelle Ande #Volare“ /via Luca Parmitano/ESA (Click here for bigger picture)


„Our first sight of the Soyuz- TMA10M crew. La prima foto dell’equipaggio della Soyuz- TMA10M 🙂 #Volare“ /via Luca Parmitano/ESA (Click here for bigger picture)


„The new crewmembers talk to their families still in Baikonur Il nuovo equipaggio parla con familiari e amici #Volare“ /via Luca Parmitano/ESA (Click here for bigger picture)


„Fyodor had a polo made for me with my birthday, and @AstroKarenN made me a cake! #Volare“ /via Luca Parmitano/ESA (Click here for bigger picture)


„First view from cupola after arriving at ISS-Incredible. Sorry about late tweet. Still getting settled. More soon.“ /via Michael Hopkins/NASA