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Bilder vom 13. April 2017 – 15. April 2017 via Thomas Pesquet (Frankreich/ESA). Der Astronaut Thomas Pesquet gehört zur ISS-Expedition 50/ISS-Expedition 51.




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International Space Station

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“ Nagoya at night shows an interesting different lighting colour downtown. Note the blackness around Nagoya castle and its park 🇯🇵 “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ A classic that I never get tired of: the orange solar panel in front of the blue–white background and the curvature of Earth “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ The … just seeing this shade of blue makes you wish for a holiday  “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ A new landing strip on a small island, this time in the Glorioso Islands. It seems not to be in use (does it count as ?) “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ Sunrise or sunset? I confess I sometimes lose track. A rule to follow when orbiting Earth: the sunrise is in front, the sunset behind! “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA


“ Good morning USA! Cheyenne Wyoming and north central Colorado – Fort Collins, Greeley, Boulder, Denver, Colorado Springs.  “ /via Shane Kimbrough/NASA




Bilder vom 8. Februar 2017 – 10. Februar 2017 via Shane Kimbrough (USA/NASA),Peggy Whitson  (USA/NASA) und Thomas Pesquet (Frankreich/ESA). Die Astronauten Shane Kimbrough, Peggy Whitson und Thomas Pesquet gehören zur ISS-Expedition 50.




The Data2364-space Daily

International Space Station

Robert Shane Kimbrough auf Twitter

Robert Shane Kimbrough auf Instagram

Peggy Whitson auf Twitter

Thomas Pesquet auf Twitter

“ I am growing cabbage on station. I love gardening on Earth, and it is just as fun in space… I just need more room to plant more!“ /via Peggy Whitson/NASA

“ Le Pays basque: et la frontière entre la France et l’Espagne 🏄🏽‍♀️ “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ Saint-Jean-de-Luz and its characteristic seashell-shaped bay.  “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ Another view of , now I can’t stop photographing it!  “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ One of my favourite destinations in the world: ’s main airport, Fiumicino (LIRF/FCO) 🇮🇹🛬  “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ Photo souvenir de l’expérience Skinsuit (qui tient la colonne vertébrale) la semaine dernière avec et  “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ Photo souvenir de l’expérience Skinsuit (qui tient la colonne vertébrale) la semaine dernière avec et  “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ ., and me wearing skinsuit in the inflatable module  “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

! Hope you liked the surprises and presents this morning… You know what they say: birthdays in space don’t count!“ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ A storm at dusk. It looks like our solar arrays are stirring the clouds!  “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ Berlin at night. One of my favourite cities in Europe. So much happens there: today is the start of the film festival 🇩🇪 “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ One of the beautiful islands in the Indian Ocean  “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

„Providence atoll in the Indian Ocean. “ /via Samantha Cristoforett/ESA


Bilder vom 18./19. Januar 2015 via Samantha Cristoforetti (Italien/ESA) und Terry Virts (USA/NASA). Die Astronauten Samantha Cristoforetti und Terry Virts gehören zur ISS-Expedition 42.






Samantha Cristoforetti auf Facebook


The Data2364-space Daily

„Shades of blue in the . Sfumature di blu nell’Himalaya. “ /via Samantha Cristoforett/ESA

„L+53: Logbook. We have some company up here…@AstroFruitFlies or Drosophila Melanogaster! https://plus.google.com/112628950566484266163/posts/PGvbX97yTee “ /via Samantha Cristoforett/ESA

„(IT) L+53: . Abbiamo compagnia qui sulla … le @AstroFruitFlies! http://avamposto42.esa.int/blog/diario-di-bordo/single/l53-astromoscerini-spaziali/ “ /via Samantha Cristoforett/ESA

„Not sure why, but flying over the Strait of Gibraltar always brings a special emotion. “ /via Samantha Cristoforett/ESA

„Look what I found! Hey there, who are you? “ /via Samantha Cristoforett/ESA

„Not easy, but can you see the city of Agadez, the gateway to the desert? A site in . “ /via Samantha Cristoforett/ESA

„Enjoying Opal Apples with @astrosamantha. A real treat to have fresh fruit!“ /via Terry Virts/NASA

„Our commander with his care package from Earth- a back scratcher and mustard“ /via Terry Virts/NASA

„A nice view of Northern canada in January- down there somewhere beneath the clouds…“ /via Terry Virts/NASA

„A pretty serious storm from last week- east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean“  /via Terry Virts/NASA

on thunderstorms in the south atlantic“ /via Terry Virts/NASA

„crescent moon at “ /via Terry Virts/NASA

„L+12: Logbook. has set up our tree in the Lab & hung socks for us. “ /via Samantha Cristoforett/ESA


Bilder vom 7./8. Dezember 2014 via Samantha Cristoforetti ((Italien/ESA), Terry Virts (USA/NASA), Anton Schkaplerow (Russland/Roskosmos) und Barry Wilmore (USA/NASA). Die Astronauten Samantha Cristoforetti, Terry Virts, Anton Schkaplerow und Barry Wilmore gehören zur ISS-Expedition 42



The Data2364-space Daily


„Crossing the Southern Andes this morning. Looks like a wonderful clear day for hiking down there! “ /via Samantha Cristoforett/ESA

B4Qd07bCIAESQRW.jpg large
„Good morning from ! Is this beach vacation season in Punta del Este? “ /via Samantha Cristoforett/ESA

B4SPJrcCEAInKBg.jpg large
„Ciao , finalmente senza troppe nuvole oggi. Spero sia stato un buon Sant’Ambrogio! “ /via Samantha Cristoforett/ESA

B4UdC9ZCEAEubEI.jpg large
„A storm seen from above – hello ! (IT) Una tempesta vista dall’alto – ciao Madagascar! “ /via Samantha Cristoforett/ESA

B4Udf0dCUAEkZh-.jpg large
„More – looks pretty arid on this portion of the coastline. “ /via Samantha Cristoforett/ESA


B4Ut2JlCMAEGOJJ.jpg large
„L+13, L+14: Logbook. Weekends on are for cleaning and… inaugurating your new towel! “ /via Samantha Cristoforett/ESA

B4VYDNvCYAA9nY0.jpg large
„Just a bit to the North, many delicate small atolls like this. Maybe the Glorioso Islands? “ /via Samantha Cristoforett/ESA

B4VziJuCcAAUmcJ.jpg large
„And finally, some of the famous islands… I bet some of you are heading that way in a few weeks!“ /via Samantha Cristoforett/ESA

B4QYF1sCIAIjgiP.jpg large
„Mexico by moonlight – buenos días México “ /via Terry Virts/NASA

B4RNP6VCcAA8M7H.jpg large
„My Russian crewmate Elena Serova helping us decorate for Christmas- Something many folks are doing now on Earth! “ /via Terry Virts/NASA

B4Snf1UCYAA9VZw.jpg large
„Approaching Typhoon from the west“ /via Terry Virts/NASA

B4SoXf9CAAAu3ZC.jpg large
„Amazing moonlit view from directly above Typhoon “ /via Terry Virts/NASA

B4So1MBIQAAbh7b.jpg large
„Typhoon looked incredibly powerful- thankfully it looks like it’s dissipating“ /via Terry Virts/NASA

B4VZq5kCAAIHbYb.jpg large
„Best that I’ve seen- very clear even to the naked eye“ /via Terry Virts/NASA

B4WFEnwIEAAvmon.jpg large
„Дельта реки на острове // delta in “ /via Anton Schkaplerow/Roskosmos

B4NkstrIMAADrJM.jpg large
„Blue and Gold really do go well together /via @NASA_Astronauts

B4NmM8CCEAEsHnv.jpg large
„Shot of the outside of station…with a nice background“ /via @NASA_Astronauts

B4SZt8sCYAAsCS-.jpg large
„Marvelous coastline from Puerto Madryn down to Camarones taken by “ /via @NASA_Astronauts

B4SklXnCQAEMFNi.jpg large
„Vast plateaus and shimmering waters of Chubut Province photographed by “ /via @NASA_Astronauts

B4VoDVBIUAAfRSr.jpg large
“Mountains over , to the North” /via @NASA_Astronauts

“Great lakes & central U.S.” /via @NASA_Astronauts

B4V3_0YIIAAJU4n.jpg small
„Great lakes & central U.S.” /via @NASA_Astronauts

B4V43wNCQAAziIU.jpg large
under by . Thin Gulf cloud veil, shines bright, and the keys trail into night“ /via @NASA_Astronauts

B4V5pDIIAAAOkn_.jpg large
taken with 100% moon lighting. You can see the colors, even in the middle of the night!“ /via @NASA_Astronauts