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„Not far from Timbuktu in Mali, the river Niger splits in many streams, highlighted by the sunglint.“ /via Samantha Cristoforett/ESA


Bilder vom 11./12. Februar 2015 via Samantha Cristoforetti (Italien/ESA), Terry Virts (USA/NASAund Barry Wilmore (USA/NASA).Die Astronauten Samantha Cristoforetti, Terry Virts und Barry Wilmore gehören zur ISS-Expedition 42.



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The Data2364-space Daily

„(IT) In questi giorni siamo visibili dall’Italia nei dintorni del tramonto. Oggi vi ho salutati!“ /via Samantha Cristoforett/ESA

„Have I mentioned lately how I like auroras? Vi ho detto di recente quanto mi piacciono le aurore? “ /via Samantha Cristoforett/ESA

„Good night from . Buona notte dallo spazio.“ /via Samantha Cristoforett/ESA

„Hello ! Famously a beautifully islands, from you can really get a feel for the rich geology.“ /via Samantha Cristoforett/ESA

„Hello and , as the Persian Gulf is flooded by a soft pink light. “ /via Samantha Cristoforett/ESA

„A challenge for you: can you spot the mist of the Victoria falls? A site in & .“ /via Samantha Cristoforett/ESA

“ Tiny seedlings grown for the „ANISO“ Japanese plant experiment- now they are being analyzed under a microscope. “ /via Terry Virts/NASA

„Is the half-full or half-empty?“ /via Terry Virts/NASA

„These clouds seem to enjoy basking in the . “ /via Terry Virts/NASA

„That’s – on a moonless night“ /via Terry Virts/NASA

„Like the tree of life, a river in Burkina Fasu. Come l’albero della vita, un fiume in Burkina Fasu #Volare“ /via Luca Parmitano/ESA (Click here for bigger picture)


Bilder vom 13. September 2013 via Luca Parmitano (Italien/ESA) auf Twitter (@astro_luca). Der Astronaut Luca Parmitano gehört zur ISS-Expedition 36/ISS-Expedition 37.



ESA:@Astro_Luca and the space robots



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„The cradle of many ancient civilization, a land once called Mesopotamia #Volare“ /via Luca Parmitano/ESA (Click here for bigger picture)


„The capital of the #US car Industry, #Detroit. La capitale USA dell’industria automobilistica, Detroit. #Volare“ /via Luca Parmitano/ESA (Click here for bigger picture)