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“ Impressive from – Betsiboka river delta in Madagascar. “ /via Shane Kimbrough/NASA




Bilder vom 3. April 2017 – 5. April 2017 via Shane Kimbrough (USA/NASA) und Thomas Pesquet (Frankreich/ESA). Die Astronauten Shane Kimbrough und Thomas Pesquet gehören zur ISS-Expedition 50.




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“ Stunning lights of Paris. Good night from !“ /via Shane Kimbrough/NASA

“ Another spectacular day on Kauai! Aloha Hanalei Bay, Princeville, Tunnels Beach and the start of the Nā Pali Coast!“ /via Shane Kimbrough/NASA

“ Another spectacular day on Kauai! Aloha Hanalei Bay, Princeville, Tunnels Beach and the start of the Nā Pali Coast!“ /via Shane Kimbrough/NASA

“ Marseille comeback, my first picture was better but this one is still worth sharing I think. The is easy to spot! “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ Caracas international airport (CCS/SVMI) a small strip between mountain and ocean.  “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ The island of and its volcanoes Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa, and the recently active Kīlauea  “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ This is cyclone that hit Australia last week. An intimidating sight. My thoughts go out to those who were affected. “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ Incredible colour effects on the water of the Saloum Delta, a World Heritage Site. Sea levels are rising due to !“ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ Same story in Mombasa, Kenya. A colourful coastal city with beautiful beaches, at risk of being a paradise no more.“ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ The last to visit. It stayed 23 days and ferried many scientific supplies: 1 of 2 spacecraft that return to Earth  “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ A part of the world that shines bright… but where? A lake in the centre of the picture and nice coastlines should help you get situated! “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ Bordeaux again, the Garonne river looks like it is trying to turn into red wine 🍷 “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ A picture taken from the Russian segment, at the back of the . Gives you an idea of how the Cupola looks down on our planet! “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ I need more Cupola time! Waving to Oleg during robotics operations. We love to hang out here once in a while (and it is European-built)! 🇪🇺 “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ Jeddah in Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 The smoke is from a water salination plant, the blue buildings bottom right are shopping centres “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ The Jeddah airport (JED/OEJN), or King Abdulaziz International Airport, almost as large as its city! ✈️   “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ Lots of auroras recently. This one was dancing over northern USA and Canada. “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

„Hello ! Fort Jesus, in Mombasa, is a 16th century Portuguese military fortification and a site!“ /via Samantha Cristoforett/ESA


Bilder vom 4./5. Februar 2015 via Samantha Cristoforetti (Italien/ESA), Terry Virts (USA/NASAund Barry Wilmore (USA/NASA).Die Astronauten Samantha Cristoforetti, Terry Virts und Barry Wilmore gehören zur ISS-Expedition 42.


Das ESA-Automated Transfer Vehicle 5 (ATV-5: Georges Lemaître) arbeitet mit einer Elektronikkette, die Batterieleistung für das ATV-5 bietet, weniger, nachdem sie am Mittwoch ausfiel. Die anderen drei Elektronikketten arbeiten normal und Flugkontrolleure  und die Besatzung der Internationalen Raumstation (ISS) bereiten das ATV-5 für seinen Abflug am 14. Februar vor.  Die Kosmonauten Alexander Samokutjajew (Russland/Roskosmos) und Anton Schkaplerow (Russland/Roskosmos) bereiteten im „Swesda“-Modul Ausrüstung vor, die den Abflug des ATV-5 überwachen wird. Der ESA-Weltraumfrachter  wird sich etwa 4.000 Meilen von der ISS fortbewegen, vor dem Wiedereintritt in die Erdatmosphäre über dem Pazifischen Ozean am 27. Februar. Die Astronauten Barry Wilmore und Terry Virts überprüften am Donnerstag einen US-Raumanzug und versuchten seinen Ventilatormotor neu zu starten, nachdem er ausfiel. Ein weiterer Raumanzug mit einem ähnlichen Problem wurde im kommerziellen SpaceXDragon-Raumtransporter verpackt, einschließlich weiterer Ausrüstung, Hardware und Forschung, die darauf wartet, am 10. Februar zur Erde zurückzukehren, wo sie von Ingenieuren analysiert wird.



NASA:Space Freighters Prepped for Departure During Troubleshooting Activities



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„Good night from ! Buona notte dallo spazio!“ /via Samantha Cristoforett/ESA

„There it goes! Small satellite deploy yesterday… cool, ah? Nothing personal, but I trust we won’t meet again 😉 “ /via Samantha Cristoforett/ESA

“ Non vedo l’ora di mostrarvi dal vivo la vista dalla mia „finestra“…Ci vediamo domani a alle 21! “ /via Samantha Cristoforett/ESA

“ (IT) Nel giorno della nascita di U. Foscolo, ecco Zacinto! Quella che „Né più mai toccherò le sacre sponde“.  “ /via Samantha Cristoforett/ESA

„Patagonia region South America“ /via Terry Virts/NASA

„My first view of the Falkland / Malvinas islands without heavy cloud cover.“ /via Terry Virts/NASA

„Gigantic thunderstorms over the Amazon“ /via Terry Virts/NASA

“Volcanic Mountains in Eastern   /via @NASA_Astronauts

„Volcanic Mountains in Eastern   /via @NASA_Astronauts

“Strange colors in the desert mountains”   /via @NASA_Astronauts

„>@ESA and prep for Feb. 14 undock. @AstroTerry, check spacesuits… http://blogs.nasa.gov/spacestation/?p=631 “ /via @Space_Station/NASA