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Bilder vom 26. Mai 2018 – 8. Juni 2018 via Richard R. Arnold  (USA/NASA). Der Astronaut Richard R. Arnold gehört zur ISS-Expedition 56.





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International Space Station

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„The San Joaquin Delta is the central hub for a water conveyance system serving 2/3rds of ’s population and is ground zero for multiple issues – sea level rise, aging infrastructure, invasive species, water quality, and water supply. “ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

„Magnificent Fiordland National Park on the South Island of . Captain James Cook visited here in 1773 in his ship . Last time visited , he flew on a ship with the same name. “ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

“ The Strait of between and . Hercules completed his 10th labor here. I’d prefer to sit in a café along the shore.“ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

„“…the sights and smells of the Carolina lowcoutry is an almost irreversible antidote to the charms of other landscapes” -Patrick Conroy “ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

“ „Like the rain forest that surrounds and depends upon it, the river system is a prodigy of speciation and diversity…“– Candice Millard. From , it is also a place where you can see the Earth breathe. “ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

“ The straits separating the islands of and in is home to Anak Krakatau – the island reborn after Krakatau erupted in 1883. shines brightly in the early morning sun.“ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

“ The inviting azure waters of Lake Titicaca high atop the Andes of and . To the Incas, it was considered the birthplace of the sun. From , it looks like the birthplace of the purest shade of blue.“ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

“ Humankind’s most advanced technology serves as the foreground for a timeless land. “ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

“ Welcome to , and Sergey!“ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

„Jakarta “ /via Alexander Gerst/ESA



Bilder vom  8. August 2014 via Alexander Gerst (Deutschland/ESA), Gregory Reid Wiseman (USA/NASA) und Oleg Artjemjew (Russland/Roskosmos). Die Astronauten Alexander Gerst, Gregory Reid Wiseman und Oleg Artjemjew gehören zur ISS-Expedition 40 .





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– Australia style.“ /via Gregory Reid Wiseman/NASA

along the spectacular western coastline.“ /via Gregory Reid Wiseman/NASA


„Great swirling clouds over the Atlantic near “ /via Gregory Reid Wiseman/NASA

„Sun glint highlights the Red Sea and the Mediterranean coast.“ /via Gregory Reid Wiseman/NASA

„Monster rolling across today. “ /via Gregory Reid Wiseman/NASA

„Passing over India just now. Undoctored…unedited…unbelievable.“ /via Gregory Reid Wiseman/NASA

„Эксперимент «EXPOSE-R» подр. см. блог (Experiment “EXPOSE-R” detail in blog) “ /via Oleg Artjemjew/Roskosmos

„Краски Земли Северное побережье Австралии см. блог (Australian North Coast det/ in blog) “ /via Oleg Artjemjew/Roskosmos

„Облака и МКС на закате см. блог (The Clouds&ISS, Sunset HQ in blog) “ /via Oleg Artjemjew/Roskosmos