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Bilder vom 2. Oktober 2017 – 4. Oktober 2017 via Randolph Bresnik  (USA/NASA), Mark Thomas Vande Hei (USA/NASA), Paolo Nespoli (Italien/ESA) und Sergei Rjasanski (Russland/Roskosmos). Die Astronauten  Randolph Bresnik, Mark Thomas Vande Hei, Paolo Nespoli und Sergei Rjasanski gehören zur ISS-Expedition 53.




The Data2364-space Daily

International Space Station

Paolo Nespoli auf Twitter

Randolph Bresnik auf Twitter

Sergei Rjasanski auf Twitter

Mark Thomas Vande Hei auf Twitter

Joseph M. Acaba auf Twitter

“ Today at 11:15 am ET I discuss life on w/ students STEM Center of Excellence. More: “ /via Randolph Bresnik/NASA

“ Weight training in a weightless environment? Our techies enable Zero-G ! staying healthy on .“ /via Randolph Bresnik/NASA

“ Spacewalk coming up! and I, with a whole lotta support, will change the end effector on that (big) puppy for for a better one.“ /via Mark Thomas Vande Hei/NASA

“ Un’altra splendida aurora per iniziare bene la settimana! // Another beautiful aurora to kick off the week! “ /via Paolo Nespoli/ESA

“ Ciao Narbonne and Perpignan, looking good from ! // Ciao Narbona e Perpignano, un saluto dallo spazio! 🇫🇷 “ /via Paolo Nespoli/ESA

“ Привет Москва и Санкт-Петербург! // Ciao Moscow and Saint Petersburg! // Ciao Mosca e San Pietroburgo! “ /via Paolo Nespoli/ESA

“ There are 13 telescopes funded by eleven countries at the top of volcano . Can you imagine it?!“ /via Sergei Rjasanski/Roskosmos

. Internationally, the city is best known as the home of Russia’s largest car manufacturer AvtoVAZ“ /via Sergei Rjasanski/Roskosmos

“ „Broken heart“ between and . Maybe you know this islands? “ /via Sergei Rjasanski/Roskosmos