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„Goldener Herbst in Hohenlohe. Hat mich sehr gefreut, heute mit Schülern meiner Heimatstadt Künzelsau zu funken – danke für die interessanten Fragen! Meine Bilder gibt es übrigens frei für jeden und in voller Auflösung unter “ /via Alexander Gerst/ESA






Bilder vom 14. Oktober – 2. November 2018 via Alexander Gerst  (Deutschland/ESA) und Serena Auñón-Chancellor (USA/NASA). Die Astronauten   Alexander Gerst und Serena Auñón-Chancellor  gehören zur ISS-Expedition 57.




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International Space Station

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„If you ever wondered just how thin the atmosphere is, look at these photos. A few seconds before sunrise we get a really good sideways view through the atmosphere. You can see some thunderstorm clouds – and not much above them … “ /via Alexander Gerst/ESA

„Winter is coming. At least in the Northern US. “ /via Alexander Gerst/ESA

„I spent a lot of time on Mt Ruapehu when I studied volcanoes at . Climbing it many times with seismometers and truck batteries on my back, I learnt about its character by listening to its earthquakes. A small piece of my heart is still there in New Zealand. “ /via Alexander Gerst/ESA

„Interestingly, seen from space, the Great Salt Lake in Utah is one of the most obvious landscapes influenced by humans. “ /via Alexander Gerst/ESA

„Dynamic business. This photo shows the Baikonur Cosmodrome, with my friends Alexey and  in their rocket on Gagarin’s launch pad (lower left corner), a mere 3 minutes before their aborted launch. We launched from the same pad on 6 June this year. “ /via Alexander Gerst/ESA

„Subject to availability. The Amazon rainforest, or at least what’s left of it, generates a large part of the oxygen that you breathe. A few decades back, these photos would’ve been dark green. “ /via Alexander Gerst/ESA

„When looking at deforestation in the Amazon, I can’t help noticing that central Europe was also once densely covered by forest. “ /via Alexander Gerst/ESA

„Water world / Wasserplanet “ /via Alexander Gerst/ESA

„A place full of legends, tragedies and victories. The town of Baikonur in Kazakhstan, where humankind’s age of space exploration began. “ /via Alexander Gerst/ESA

„From space we can see dense smog clouds over many large cities on this planet. Do we want to be remembered as the last generation that could have avoided Earth’s climate being pushed off a cliff? “ /via Alexander Gerst/ESA

„By the way, Europeans are also good at smog, south as well as north of the Alps… | Smog können wir Europäer übrigens auch. Sowohl südlich als auch nördlich der Alpen… “ /via Alexander Gerst/ESA

! These dusty roads of space history once led explorers home. Name it!“ /via Scott Kelly/NASA


Bilder vom 12. August – 16. August 2015 via Scott Kelly (USA/NASA) und Kimiya Yui  (Japan/JAXA). Die Astronauten  Scott Kelly und Kimiya Yui gehören zur ISS-Expedition 44.



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„Day 138. Darkness falls, so meteors can shine. Enjoy the show! Good night from space_station! “ /via Scott Kelly/NASA

„It looks like the great pyramids were built to face the golf course. “ /via Scott Kelly/NASA

„Ships in line thru Suez Canal. We got ships in line too. Progress & headed to @space_station soon! “ /via Scott Kelly/NASA

„Day 139. The stroke of dark shows in their best light. Good night from @space_station! “ /via Scott Kelly/NASA

„Got up early to see meteors but saw something better- my friends in and . “ /via Scott Kelly/NASA

Perfectly Patagonia and wall worthy. “ /via Scott Kelly/NASA

„Day 140 Golden child of a week ends w golden child of our solar system. Good night from @space_station! “ /via Scott Kelly/NASA

trailing a colorful veil over Earth this morning. Good morning from @space_station! “ /via Scott Kelly/NASA

„Another pass through . The sun is very active today, apparently. “  /via Scott Kelly/NASA

„The burns bright this morning. “ /via Scott Kelly/NASA

changes the face of the Amazon rainforest. „/via Scott Kelly/NASA

„I had a training by using real robot arm today. HTV-5 will be launched on 16th Aug! Looking forward to capture it!)“ /via Kimiya Yui/JAXA

„”きぼう”の窓から星を見る。本当に夢のようです。すばる、アルデバラン、カペラ、そしてペルセウス座も見えていましたよ。天気が悪くて星が見えないということが無いので、星好きにはたまらない場所です!“ /via Kimiya Yui/JAXA

„私の祖父が戦死したフィリピンです。黙祷をした後に、タイミングよく真上を通過するなんて。。。まるで、祖父が写真を撮ってくれと言ったような気がしました。今は、何事も無かったかの様に、ただ美しい島々と海が広がっています。“ /via Kimiya Yui/JAXA

„私の祖父が戦死したフィリピンです。黙祷をした後に、タイミングよく真上を通過するなんて。。。まるで、祖父が写真を撮ってくれと言ったような気がしました。今は、何事も無かったかの様に、ただ美しい島々と海が広がっています。“ /via Kimiya Yui/JAXA

„Scorpius and Milky Way! When I see Milky Way, I always realize how small we are..“ /via Kimiya Yui/JAXA

„800mm望遠レンズの使い方を練習するために、少し早起きしました。ほぼ直上を通過しないと、きれいな写真は難しい様です。八戸市の皆さんこんにちは!元のデータだと、個別のお宅まで確認できますよ。皆さんはどのお家に住んでいるんでしょうか?“ /via Kimiya Yui/JAXA

„Japanese module – „Kibo“, shining Sirius and my favorite star – Betelgeuse.“ /via Kimiya Yui/JAXA

„The Chilean Andes – from Antofagasta to the clouds hanging high over the Amazon basin. Lovely to see, and remember.“ /via Chris Hadfield/CSA/NASA (Click here for bigger picture)


Bild via Astronaut Chris Hadfield (Kanada/CSA) auf Twitter (@Cmdr_Hadfield). Die chilenischen Anden von Antofagasta (ist eine Stadt im Norden von Chile am Pazifik, am Rande der Atacama) bis zum Amazonasbecken (das Einzugsgebiet des Amazonas, des Rio Anapu und des Rio Tocantins) sind zu sehen.


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