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Bilder vom 4. Oktober – 8. Oktober 2018 via Alexander Gerst  (Deutschland/ESA). Der Astronaut   Alexander Gerst gehört zur ISS-Expedition 57.




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„I don’t know any words, in any language, to match the beauty of an orbital sunrise. / Ich kenne kein Wort, in keiner Sprache, das die Schönheit eines Sonnenaufgangs im Orbit auch nur ansatzweise beschreiben könnte. “ /via Alexander Gerst/ESA

„Here you can see that the Gulf of Aqaba was actually generated by a tectonic fracture zone. It extends north into the Dead Sea, and beyond along the Jordan river through the Sea of Galilee. “ /via Alexander Gerst/ESA

„These big holes influenced human history quite a bit. One of them is the Chuquicamata copper mine in the Atacama Desert, among the biggest on that planet down there. “ /via Alexander Gerst/ESA

„“The most beautiful thing in the world is, of course, the world itself.“ – Wallace Stevens (fisheye view from our Cupola window onto New Zealand’s North Island) “ /via Alexander Gerst/ESA

„Interesting wave patterns in the Red Sea at the entrance to the Gulf of Aqaba, made visible by the sun glint. Check out their huge wave length. I think these are actually sub-surface waves between two water layers of different density. “ /via Alexander Gerst/ESA






Bilder vom 30. September – 2 Oktober 2018 via Alexander Gerst  (Deutschland/ESA), Andrew J. Feustel  (USA/NASA), Richard R. Arnold  (USA/NASA), Serena Auñón-Chancellor (USA/NASA)  und Oleg Artemjew  (Russland/Roskosmos). Die Astronauten   Alexander Gerst, Andrew J. Feustel, Richard R. Arnold, Serena Auñón-Chancellor  und Oleg Artemjew gehören zur ISS-Expedition 56.




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International Space Station

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„This massive salt lake in Bolivia is the largest on this planet. It is larger than some countries. (Salar de Uyuni) / Dieser Salzsee in Bolivien ist der größte auf diesem Planeten. Er ist größer als so manches Land. (Salar de Uyuni) “ /via Alexander Gerst/ESA

„Last Thursday I captured Japan’s HTV-7 resupply vehicle using the robotic arm with the support of . This cargo vehicle delivered much needed science and supplies to . Great teamwork with our International partners! “ /via Andrew J. Feustel /NASA

„Good morning from your fellow Earthlings! “ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

“ Worked in wicked-cool space balloon last week- BEAM. Could revolutionize future space habitats & would be fun to say you live in a balloon! “ /via Jack Fischer/NASA




Bilder vom 1. Mai 2017 – 3. Mai 2017 via Jack Fischer (USA/NASA) und Thomas Pesquet  (Frankreich/ESA). Die Astronauten Jack Fischer und Thomas Pesquet gehören zur ISS-Expedition 51.




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International Space Station

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“ Sometimes when I look at the ocean, I think it’s alive… A symphony of processes that keep our blue marble beautiful. So pretty, so awesome. “ /via Jack Fischer/NASA

“ My 1st pic of Houston. If you look really close, you can see that my heart is down there w/my beautiful bride. I’m watching over you baby. “ /via Jack Fischer/NASA

“ Well, finally got a chance to show Felt Jasper the office & pretty sure he dug the view-I know I did! “ /via Jack Fischer/NASA

“ Finally a picture of by day. A metropolis that extends far beyond the camera frame. Much to explore in this picture! “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ US cities are huge & geometric: is no exception. Skyscrapers, baseball stadium & perpendicular streets: you know you’re in the USA! “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ In the category „places you cannot visit“: nuclear waste facility of La Hague “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ Looking at catalytic reactions in enzymes in space for educutional experiment Cataliss “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

„Green is showing… ? I love the red roof in that village, certainly makes the owner’s house jump out… to astronauts and pilots 😉  “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ Aqaba in Jordan seems sandwiched in between the water, mountains and desert / La ville d’Aqaba, au fond du golfe du même nom “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ This photo in tells tales: nature likes curves and randomness, man likes order and geometry… who will win in the end?“ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ Tours, France. I recognised it because of the Loire and Cher rivers… and the airport 😉 “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

( ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos


Bilder via Oleg Artemjew (Russland/Roskosmos). Der Kosmonaut Oleg Artemjew gehörte zur ISS-Expedition 40.



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„Пылевая буря на (Dust Storm Over Sea ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

unnamed (1)
, Облачная перина ( ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

, ( , ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

„2 июня 2015 . Байконуру 60 лет! (June 2, 2015, is 60 Years Old! ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

„Города мира – Аль-Хумс (Cities of the World – Al Khums ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

Юж. Америка ( South ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

( ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

мира ( of the World Kazakhstan ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

„Плывущие (The floating ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

„Лунный закат ( ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

( ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

( ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

( ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

( ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

( ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

„Города мира – (Cities of the World – ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

„Алеутские ( ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

„Аденский ( of ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

„Около Гьячунг-Канг (Near the Gyachung-Kang ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

„Над (Over ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

„На озере ( ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

Иссык-Куль, (Issyk Kul , ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

„Города мира Франц. Гвиана (Cities of the World ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

„Над и (Over & ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

„Над Багамскими островами (Over The ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

( of the ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

( of the ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

Сан-Тадео (Сан-Кинтин) (San Quintin ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

Сан-Тадео (Сан-Кинтин) (San Quintin ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

„Коринфский залив, (Gulf of , ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

над ( over the ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

„Города мира – , (Cities of the World – , ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

„Лагуна Де Салинас, (Laguna de Salinas, ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

unnamed (1)
и ( & ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

( ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

() и () ( & ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

„Западное побережье Южной Америки (Western Coast of South America ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

„Города мира , (World’s Cities – & ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

„Пролетая над (Flying over ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

„Лабуче Канг (Лапче Канг) (Labuche Kang (Lapche Kang) ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

( ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

Мёртвый , ( Dead , Sea ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

„Дымит кораблик в голубом океане (The smoking Ship at the blue ) “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

„Finally, at very end of the spacewalk @AstroTerry was visibile from the Cupola. Now time to get them back inside! “ /via Samantha Cristoforett/ESA


Bilder vom 21./22. Februar 2015 via Samantha Cristoforetti (Italien/ESA), Terry Virts (USA/NASAund Barry Wilmore (USA/NASA). Die Astronauten Samantha Cristoforetti, Terry Virts und Barry Wilmore gehören zur ISS-Expedition 42.

Die Astronauten Barry Wilmore und Terry Virts beendeten um 2:26 p.m. EST (20:26 MEZ) ihren Weltraumspaziergang mit der Wiederunterdrucksetzung der “Quest”Luftschleuse. Wilmore und Virts beendeten alle für Samstag geplanten Aufgaben und  eine weitere Aufgabe. Sie brachten eine Reihe von Energie- und Datenleitungen am vorderen Ende des “Harmony”-Moduls und Pressurized Mating Adapter-2 in Ordnung und verlegten 340 von 360 Fuß Kabel. Die Verlegung der Kabel ist Teil einer Rekonfiguration von Systemen und Modulen der Internationalen Raumstation (ISS), zur Anpassung einer Lieferung neuer Kopplungsadapter, die kommerzielle Raumschiffe später in diesem Jahrzehnt verwenden werden, um Astronauten zu dem Orbitallabor zu befördern. Der 6-Stunden, 41-Minuten Außenbordeinsatz war der erste für Virts. Wilmore verbrachte nun während zweier Weltraumspaziergänge 13 Stunden und 15 Minuten in der Leere des Weltraums. Der Weltraumausstieg begann am Samstag um 7:45 a.m.. Astronauten haben nun während 185 Außenbordeinsätzen insgesamt 1.159 Stunden und 8 Minuten für Montage und Wartung der ISS im All verbracht. Das Duo wird sich wieder am Mittwoch, 25. Februar außerhalb der Raumstation wagen, um zwei weitere Kabel zu verlegen und das Ende des Canadarm2-Roboterarms der Station zu schmieren.  Die Direktübertragung von NASA TV beginnt um 6 a.m. Mittwoch vor einer für 7:10 a.m. geplanten Startzeit des Außenbordeinsatzes. 



NASA :Spacewalkers Attaching Cables for Future Commercial Crew Vehicles

NASA :First of Three Spacewalks Complete



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„. Se la Terra si è fermata qualcuno lo spieghi ai cicloni, ché loro ignari girano! Un saluto a 😉 “ /via Samantha Cristoforett/ESA

„Hello ! Flying over the Istrian peninsula last December/(IT) Ciao Croazia! Volando sopra l’Istria a Dicembre“ /via Samantha Cristoforett/ESA

„Hello and Aqaba, great memories! And on the other side Elat, . “ /via Samantha Cristoforett/ESA

„Clouds over the desert, carried by the wind, one of my favorites. “ /via Samantha Cristoforett/ESA

„My first ever spacewalk today- AWESOME!!!“ /via Terry Virts/NASA

„My lead , with me upside down in his visor.“ /via Terry Virts/NASA

„On my way inside at the end of a long and successful – thanks for a great pic!“ /via Terry Virts/NASA

„On my way inside at the end of a long and successful – thanks for a great pic!“ /via Terry Virts/NASA

„First EVA Pics“  /via @NASA_Astronauts

„First EVA Pics“  /via @NASA_Astronauts

„More EVA Pics“   /via @NASA_Astronauts

„More EVA Pics“   /via @NASA_Astronauts

at . The wire you see glistening is his safety tether.“   /via @NASA_Astronauts

solar arrays rotate as it orbits Earth to track sun. „Cable Guys“ & still hard at work.“ /via @Space_Station/NASA

solar arrays rotate as it orbits Earth to track sun. „Cable Guys“ & still hard at work.“ /via @Space_Station/NASA

solar arrays rotate as it orbits Earth to track sun. „Cable Guys“ & still hard at work.“ /via @Space_Station/NASA

solar arrays rotate as it orbits Earth to track sun. „Cable Guys“ & still hard at work.“ /via @Space_Station/NASA

“ „Cable Guys“ @AstroTerry & deploy 340 feet of cable. Now wrapping up spacewalk and heading to airlock. “ /via @Space_Station/NASA

„. assists & after 6-hour, 41-minute spacewalk… “ /via @Space_Station/NASA

„. assists & after 6-hour, 41-minute spacewalk… “ /via @Space_Station/NASA

„. assists & after 6-hour, 41-minute spacewalk… “ /via @Space_Station/NASA

„. assists & after 6-hour, 41-minute spacewalk… “ /via @Space_Station/NASA

„US at the has just begun at 7:45 am EST. Will last about 6.5 hours. Egress momentarily.“ /via SpaceShuttleAlmanac

„US at the has begun. Both crewmen are now outside.“ /via SpaceShuttleAlmanac

„Amazing shot of the forward end of the ISS – US at the “ /via SpaceShuttleAlmanac

„Astronauts hanging out on the PMA-2 to reroute power cables – US at the “ /via SpaceShuttleAlmanac

„Astronauts on the Harmony Node-2. The CBM unit is the future home of PMA-3. US at the “ /via SpaceShuttleAlmanac

„Another great pic – US view of the crewmen on top of the Harmony node-2.“ /via SpaceShuttleAlmanac

„Todays US lasted 6 hrs 41 mins. Two more EVAs to follow! The Cable Guys say they will be back.“ /via SpaceShuttleAlmanac