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„Richat Structure in the western Sahara. Pretty amazing feature when seen from above.“ /via Michael Hopkins/NASA


Bilder vom 2. Januar 2014 via Michael Hopkins (USA/NASA), Richard Mastracchio (USA/NASA) und Kōichi Wakata (Japan/JAXA). Die Astronauten Michael Hopkins, Richard Mastracchio und Kōichi Wakata gehören zur ISS-Expedition 38.


Michael Hopkins auf Twitter

Richard Mastracchio auf Twitter

Kōichi Wakata auf Twitter

Rick Mastracchio auf Facebook


„Just passed over Salt Lake City and the mountains look blue. This photo shows the real colors.“ /via Richard Mastracchio/NASA


„Wider angle of the Great Salt Lake showing the ‚blue‘ mountains. Amazing“ /via Richard Mastracchio/NASA


„Manicouagan impact crater in Canada. Passed over it twice today.“ /via Richard Mastracchio/NASA


„The Bahamas – one of the most beautiful places on Earth that we can view from the ISS. Rich in hues of color blue.“ /via Kōichi Wakata/JAXA


„Noctilucent clouds are well visible towards south pole in the last several days at an altitude of about 100 km.“ /via Kōichi Wakata/JAXA



Brent Spiner auf der Trek Expo 2004 in Tulsa/Oklahoma.