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„Mediterranean coast of Tunisia & northwest Libya. October 14.“ /via Karen Nyberg/NASA (Click here for bigger picture)


Bilder vom 17. Oktober 2013 via Karen Nyberg (USA/NASA), Luca Parmitano (Italien/ESA) und Michael Hopkins (USA/NASA). Die Astronauten Karen Nyberg, Luca Parmitano und Michael Hopkins gehören zur ISS-Expedition 37.


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„Love these intersecting clouds over the Caspian Sea & Caucasus Mountains. October 17.“ /via Karen Nyberg/NASA (Click here for bigger picture)


„Partially covered by clouds, the entire Island of Sri Lanka seen from Cupola #Volare“ /via Luca Parmitano/ESA (Click here for bigger picture)


#Italy’s northern cities with the recently snow capped #Alps“ /via Luca Parmitano/ESA (Click here for bigger picture)


„It’s been a busy week on ISS. Here I am preparing the Fluids Integrated Rack for a new experiment.“ /via Michael Hopkins/NASA

„This is me with Spock and Data! Brent signed my uniform on the sleeve too! This was at the Vegas convention.“ /via Trekkie 12


Brent Spiner und Leonard Nimoy auf der Creation Con Las Vegas 2011.


Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas 2011