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„Maintenance day on the treadmill. Only 4 bolts hold the track in place.“ /via Michael Hopkins/NASA


Bilder vom 12./13. Februar 2014 via Michael Hopkins (USA/NASA), Richard Mastracchio (USA/NASA) und Kōichi Wakata (Japan/JAXA). Die Astronauten Michael Hopkins, Richard Mastracchio und Kōichi Wakata gehören zur ISS-Expedition 38.


Michael Hopkins auf Twitter

Richard Mastracchio auf Twitter

Kōichi Wakata auf Twitter

Rick Mastracchio auf Facebook


„From Dec spacewalk – here we are breathing O2 to purge N2 from our bodies. Mask looks like creature from alien movie“ /via Richard Mastracchio/NASA


„Passing over the Nile last night I noticed the reflection of the moon looking back at me.“ /via Richard Mastracchio/NASA


„Just passed up the East Coast which is covered in clouds but KSC in FL looked beautiful.“ /via Richard Mastracchio/NASA


„今日、九州上空から撮影した写真です。左のほうに桜島の噴煙も見えます。“ /via Kōichi Wakata/JAXA


„今日の富士山。頂上が雲から顔を出しているのは軌道上からも見えました。“ /via Kōichi Wakata/JAXA


„澄んだ空気に包まれた、夕暮れ前の猪苗代湖上空から撮影した写真です。“ /via Kōichi Wakata/JAXA


„Strait of Magellan, Punta Arenas, Chile. The area is often cloudy.“ /via Kōichi Wakata/JAXA





via RRogersPhotography


Brent Spiner mit “Star Trek”-Fan während der Brent Spiner Show im Roseland Theater in Portland/Oregon.



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