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Bilder vom 28. September – 30. September 2018 via Alexander Gerst  (Deutschland/ESA), Andrew J. Feustel  (USA/NASA), Richard R. Arnold  (USA/NASA) und Oleg Artemjew  (Russland/Roskosmos). Die Astronauten   Alexander Gerst, Andrew J. Feustel, Richard R. Arnold und Oleg Artemjew gehören zur ISS-Expedition 56.




The Data2364-space Daily

International Space Station

Alexander Gerst auf Twitter

Andrew J. Feustel auf Twitter

Richard R. Arnold auf Twitter

Oleg Artemjew auf Twitter

Serena Auñón-Chancellor auf Twitter

“ It’s always fascinating to see a spacecraft approaching us, launched from Earth a few days ago, meeting us up here in the middle of nowhere at 28.000 km/h. Amazing technology. Congrats  for successfully starting the mission!“ /via Alexander Gerst/ESA

„Not many artists in this world are as creative as Mother Nature. Check out this landscape on the west coast of southern Africa. “ /via Alexander Gerst/ESA

„I am wondering where this road ends, leading inland to the western Sahara. Reminds me of a scene from Wind, Sand and Stars by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry that a good friend showed me once. “ /via Alexander Gerst/ESA

„The very last race I will enjoy from space will be at . Good luck to the teams & drivers. It’s been a rare treat to follow the season from & I will continue to post pics of the tracks from until the season ends. “ /via Andrew J. Feustel /NASA

„The work of art that is the in 🇧🇷 “ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

„The is the only atoll in the South Atlantic Ocean It belongs to the Brazilian State of Rio Grande do Norte. It is located approximately 145 km west of the Fernando de Noronha archipelago. The reserve it is currently used solely for scientific research. “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos

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