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„Some really nice shots of the SpaceX Dragon CRS-15 captured by my crew mate  last month – just before he and  caught it with the ’s robotic arm. Do you recognise the backdrop? “ /via Alexander Gerst/ESA






Bilder vom 22. August – 24. August 2018 via Alexander Gerst  (Deutschland/ESA), Andrew J. Feustel  (USA/NASA), Richard R. Arnold  (USA/NASA) und Oleg Artemjew  (Russland/Roskosmos). Die Astronauten   Alexander Gerst, Andrew J. Feustel, Richard R. Arnold und Oleg Artemjew gehören zur ISS-Expedition 56.




The Data2364-space Daily

International Space Station

Alexander Gerst auf Twitter

Andrew J. Feustel auf Twitter

Richard R. Arnold auf Twitter

Oleg Artemjew auf Twitter

Serena Auñón-Chancellor auf Twitter

“ Don’t you think Earth looks a little bit like a bowling ball today? — Ich kann mir nicht helfen, aber die Erde sieht heute ein wenig aus wie eine Bowlingkugel. “ /via Alexander Gerst/ESA

„Orbital sunrise. One of 15 or 16 every day. And every single one is breathtaking. This one’s taken from our Cupola window with an 8 mm fisheye lens. “ /via Alexander Gerst/ESA

“ Cloud zigzag. One on the face of our planet that’s clearly visible from orbit is aircraft contrails. Here are the ones above France and Germany on the morning of 7 July.“ /via Alexander Gerst/ESA

“ This is as viewed from the . With the low clouds it is easy to see the peaks of the volcanoes associated with the Sunda Megathrust subduction zone that lies at the tectonic boundary of the Indo-Australian and Eurasian plates.“ /via Andrew J. Feustel /NASA

„The verdant delta where the River completes its epic journey and empties into the Sea. 🇷🇺 🇰🇿 🇦🇿 🇹🇲 🇮🇷 “ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

in the early morning hours near . The crew of the sends much aloha to everyone there. “ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

„Our old friend aurora australis (southern lights) has returned and is always a most welcome visitor. “ /via Richard R. Arnold/NASA

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