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Daily Archives: August 20th, 2018

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Der “Star Trek: The Next Generation”-Schauspieler Brent Spiner (Android Lieutenant Commander Data) als Tommy Katzenbach 2006 im Film “Material Girls” (“Material Girls”).




The “Star Trek: The Next Generation” Actor Brent Spiner (Android Lieutenant Commander Data) as Tommy Katzenbach 2006 in “Material Girls”.






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Patrick Stewart (Captain Jean-Luc Picard) und Mark Lenard (VulkanBotschafter Sarek) 1990   in der “Star Trek: The Next Generation”-Episode “Botschafter Sarek” (“Sarek”).






Patrick Stewart (Captain Jean-Luc Picard) and Mark Lenard  (VulcanAmbassador Sarek) 1990  in the “Star Trek: The Next Generation”-Episode “Sarek”.








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„Have you ever wondered where exactly the Rhine river flows into the North Sea? These sun glint photos show why the answer isn’t that simple… “ /via Alexander Gerst/ESA






Bilder vom 18. August – 20. August 2018 via Alexander Gerst  (Deutschland/ESA), Andrew J. Feustel  (USA/NASA) und Oleg Artemjew  (Russland/Roskosmos). Die Astronauten   Alexander Gerst, Andrew J. Feustel und Oleg Artemjew gehören zur ISS-Expedition 56.




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“ I bet every explorer who ever lived was convinced that their ship was the most beautiful of all. I still sometimes can’t believe she’s the ship that we sailed in, from Earth to space. “ /via Alexander Gerst/ESA

„The magical Southern continent. My crew mate Sergey took these fantastic photos of one of our rare glimpses of . Like space, we need to explore this remote place, to understand our own planet better. “ /via Alexander Gerst/ESA

„EarthArt geo quiz.  and I can’t figure out where this volcano that we took a photo of is. Can you help us out? “ /via Alexander Gerst/ESA

“ The backdrop for the race this weekend at could not be in a more beautiful setting. I hope the weather subsides and the skies clear to reveal the stunning countryside. Wishing fans and teams a safe and fast weekend! “ /via Andrew J. Feustel /NASA

„There is nothing more beautiful than to view the from the height of the International “ /via Oleg Artemjew/Roskosmos