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“ The city of Cayenne, close to Kourou  “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA




Bilder vom 6. Februar 2017 – 8. Februar 2017 via Thomas Pesquet (Frankreich/ESA). Der Astronaut Thomas Pesquet gehört zur ISS-Expedition 50.




The Data2364-space Daily

International Space Station

Robert Shane Kimbrough auf Twitter

Robert Shane Kimbrough auf Instagram

Peggy Whitson auf Twitter

Thomas Pesquet auf Twitter

“ Athens at night. Can you spot the Acropolis ? … and the airport ? 🇬🇷  “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ I asked to make a collage of so you can zoom in in high detail:  “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ A view of at night. A metropolis that extends beyond the frame of this photo! 🇮🇳  “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ UK, France, Belgium, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Poland and Italy in the same pic. I love Europe! 🇪🇺  “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ The city of , capital of . After a cancelled trip that was supposed to lead me there in the past, I hope to go there one day “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

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