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Daily Archives: Dezember 15th, 2016

“ Good evening London!“ /via Shane Kimbrough/NASA




Bilder vom 12. Dezember 2016 – 15. Dezember 2016 via Shane Kimbrough (USA/NASA), Peggy Whitson (USA/NASA) und Thomas Pesquet (Frankreich/ESA). Die Astronauten Shane Kimbrough, Peggy Whitson und Thomas Pesquet gehören zur ISS-Expedition 50.




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“ Beautiful . and astronauts using robot arm to capture spacecraft. Proud of Int’l.  “ /via Shane Kimbrough/NASA

“ . spacecraft a few meters before capture by the robotic arm.“ /via Shane Kimbrough/NASA

“ Incredible view of the captured by . “ /via Shane Kimbrough/NASA

“ Look at this! Absolutely Stunning! captured the super moon!“ /via Peggy Whitson/NASA

“ On , the control center follows us all day long with live video (streamed to )  “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ A side-view of our spaceship. At the base of the solar arrays are a few white boxes: the batteries we’re in charge of replacing in January“ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ OK now this is . Please confirm 😉  “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ On manipulera ce bras robotique pour attraper et amarrer l’HTV aujourd’hui. Suivez le live sur TV:  “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ We’ll be using the robotic arm to capture and berth today. Watch along live from 09:30 GMT through TV:  “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ Happy to cross my name and resign my membership from the League of Unflown Astronauts!  “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

so close it was in the ’s shadow!  “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ L’ de plus en plus proche avant sa capture  “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ Une chanson entraînante pour célébrer l’arrivée de l’HTV! – Prayer in C ( remix)  “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ Upbeat tune to celebrate HTV’s successful arrival! – Prayer in C ( remix)  “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ Selfie of your HTV grappling team today in the cupola, with HTV looming large at 30m behind!  “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

woke up under a shroud of clouds, with the standing guard at the north  “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ Le bleu de la mer n’est jamais homogène, surtout aux Caraïbes, et il contraste joliment avec l’orange de nos panneaux solaires.  “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ The blue of the sea is never uniform, especially in the Sea. Nice contrast with our orange solar arrays  “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ The in the evening light: the shadows accentuate the valleys and summits. Are you going skiing this year? 😉 “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

is a popular resort destination, but also a sanctuary for nature. And very photogenic! 🇲🇽 “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ This is tonight’s “” seen from space! The last one I saw was in Baikonur… I like this one better! 😉  “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ Looking down into the Cupola is always a wonder…its shape reminds me of our class patch (or is it the other way around?)  “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ Our spacesuits having a lively discussion… or maybe dancing the flamenco?  “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ Peggy opening the HTV hatch! We know lots of stuff for us is inside, so it’s good times onboard!  “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

“ First entrance into . Safety goggles and mask are a precaution. Everything is pristine!  “ /via Thomas Pesquet/ESA

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Brent Spiner (Android Lieutenant Commander Data) 1990 in der “Star Trek: The Next Generation”-Episode “Endars Sohn” (“Suddenly Human”).




Brent Spiner (Android Lieutenant Commander Data) 1990 in the “Star Trek: The Next Generation”-Episode “Suddenly Human”.




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Nana Visitor (Bajoraner Major Kira Nerys) mit René Auberjonois (Wechselbalg Constable Odo) und Harris Yulin (Cardassianer Aamin Marritza/Gul Darhe’el) 1993 in der “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”-Episode “Der undurchschaubare Marritza”  (“Duet”).




Nana Visitor (Bajoran Major Kira Nerys) with Rene Auberjonois (Changeling Constable Odo) and Harris Yulin (Cardassian Aamin Marritza/Gul Darhe’el) 1993 in the „Star Trek: Deep Space Nine“  Episode “Duet”.




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