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Daily Archives: Oktober 5th, 2014

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at night / Europa bei Nacht. “ /via Alexander Gerst/ESA


Bilder vom 4. Oktober 2014 via Alexander Gerst (Deutschland/ESA) und Gregory Reid Wiseman (USA/NASA). Die Astronauten Alexander Gerst und Gregory Reid Wiseman gehören zur ISS-Expedition 41.



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„Schwebende Werkbank. Dies sind meine Weltraumwerkzeuge für nächste Woche. “ /via Alexander Gerst/ESA

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„Working under pressure. 4.3 psi, to be precise. “ /via Alexander Gerst/ESA

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„. checking his suit and getting ready for our EVA this week “ /via Alexander Gerst/ESA

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„It is always eerie to cross the terminator. The last rays of the sun cast a shadow of our solar panels.“ /via Alexander Gerst/ESA

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„Still some snow capping the but summer is on the way.“ /via via Gregory Reid Wiseman/NASA


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„A little thanks to “ /via via Gregory Reid Wiseman/NASA

„On my way to London with who is furiously working his iPad like an Enterprise console. “ /via LeVar Burton

Vom 3. – 5. Oktober findet die Destination Star Trek 3 im Exhibition Centre London in London statt. Gäste dort sind jede Menge “Star Trek”-Schauspieler. Aus der Serie “Star Trek: The Original Series”: William Shatner (Captain James Tiberius Kirk) und Nichelle Nichols (Lieutenant Nyota Uhura), aus der Serie “Star Trek: The Next Generation” die Darsteller: Brent Spiner (Android Lieutenant Commander Data), LeVar Burton (Chefingenieur Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge), Marina Sirtis (Counselor Deanna Troi), Michael Dorn (Sicherheitschef Lieutenant Commander Worf), Gates McFadden (Doktor Beverly Crusher), Denise Crosby (Sicherheitschefin Lieutenant Tasha Yar), John de Lancie (Q) und Patrick Stewart (Captain Jean-Luc Picard), aus der Serie “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” : Casey Biggs (Legat Damar), Aron Eisenberg (Fähnrich Nog), Max Grodénchik (Rom), Alexander Siddig (Doktor Julian Bashir) und Colm Meaney (Chefingenieur Senior Chief Petty Officer Miles O’Brien), aus “Star Trek: Voyager”: Ethan Phillips (Talaxianer Neelix), Robert Picardo (Emergency Medical Hologram), Tim Russ (Lieutenant Commander Tuvok) und Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine), aus der Serie “Star Trek: Enterprise”: Anthony Montgomery (Fähnrich Travis Mayweather) und Karl Urban (Doktor Leonard McCoy in “Star Trek”/„Star Trek Into Darkness“) und viele, viele weitere „Star Trek“-Darsteller. Hier sind einige Bilder und Berichte.



StarTrek.com: Ryan, Shatner & Urban Kick-Off Destination Star Trek 3

StarTrek.com: TNG Cast Reunites in London


The Data 2364-star-trek Daily

TrekToday:September-October Trek Conventions And Appearances


„Lyle Waggoner seems to be having trouble sleeping too… “ /via LeVar Burton

„Who you gonna call…? “ /via LeVar Burton

„Mr. Data loves his fish ‘n chips…“ /via LeVar Burton

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“Forgot my hat. Makes the guy on my right look better in the reflected glory.” /via Robert Picardo

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„Dined with the most powerful being in the cosmos. Restaurant staff didn’t seem to notice. No free desert. “ /via Robert Picardo


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“Men in hats with and Ethan Phillips.” /via Robert Picardo

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„A sweet reunion with . “ /via Robert Picardo

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„Sharing the stage with an icon tomorrow. “ /via Robert Picardo

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„Me and Suzie Plakson in hats. “ /via Robert Picardo

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„More Trek buddies backstage last night. “ /via Robert Picardo

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„Backstage last night with ! “ /via Robert Picardo

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„It’s good to be king.“ /via Marina Sirtis

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„Here it is Destination London. “ /via Daniel Stewart

„Karl Urban and Brent Spiner “ /via ‏@TrekkieJayne

„Una persona pequeña sorpresa para y en “ /via ‏@ClubStarTrek_es

live… “ /via ‏@espa1000

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>> You too! 🙂 “: One of the nicest people I met, hope you’re enjoying the weekend ” << /via Jeri Ryan

FireShot Screen Capture #153 - 'Foto von colinweldon' - instagram_com_p_tskvgImumA
„Ran into a couple of Borgs today… Thanks great shot “ /via @colinweldon

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„One more great share from yesterday. Marina Sirtis and Jeri Ryan photo shoot “ /via @MarinaSirtisFan

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via @TrekkieGirls

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„Trekgasm “ /via @TrekkieGirls

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„Loves that she played character that people can relate to and that have touched fans heart “ /via @TrekkieGirls

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“ /via @TrekkieGirls

„Simply flawless “ /via @TrekkieGirls

„Simply flawless “ /via @TrekkieGirls

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„Seven of Nine herself shares a laugh with host after taking the stage at “ /via @StarTrek

“ /via @Janeway931

“Would he consider playing Data again? comments at Opening Ceremony” /via @StarTrek

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„We love Data’s pussy # dst3 “ /via @TrekkieGirls

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model of the future. Glasses of the future “ /via @TrekkieGirls

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„The incomparable takes the stage with at Opening Ceremony “ /via @TrekkieGirls

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„Captain my captian # dst3 “ /via @TrekkieGirls

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„His lips are sealed, damn you JJ “ /via @TrekkieGirls

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„Never gonna look at the borg queen in the same way. Bust’in a gut in a sewn in suit “ /via @TrekkieGirls

BzC3KpoIgAEFhLq.jpg large
„I think i’m breaking my restraining order. Stage rush time “ /via @TrekkieGirls

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„Think they broke he distanced himself from their flithy conversation “ /via @TrekkieGirls

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„Oh look what just happen “ /via @TrekkieGirls

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„Colm Meaney a true gent with a filthy tongue “ /via @TrekkieGirls

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„Look out for the fight in the enterprise hall we both called dibs # DST3 “ /via @TrekkieGirls

BzGd0SaCYAERbsT.jpg large
„Data is good Lore is sexy “ /via @TrekkieGirls

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„Nichelle Nichols knew immediately that star trek would live on, Gene Roddenberry was such a visionary.“ /via @TrekkieGirls

BzG-VLTIAAE0otH.jpg large
„Daniel i am your father. Feels like we listening into a personal conversation “ /via @TrekkieGirls

„I love the many faces of “ /via @TrekkieGirls

„I love the many faces of “ /via @TrekkieGirls

„I love the many faces of “ /via @TrekkieGirls

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„Cause she’s worth it “ /via @TrekkieGirls













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„Karl Urban and Brent Spiner “ /via ‏@TrekkieJayne


Brent Spiner (Android Lieutenant Commander Data in der Serie “Star Trek: The Next Generation”) Karl Urban (Doktor Leonard McCoy in “Star Trek”/„Star Trek Into Darkness“) auf der Destination Star Trek 3 in London, die vom 3. – 5. Oktober im Exhibition Centre London stattfindet.



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Scott Bakula (Captain Jonathan Archer) mit den “Star Trek: The Next Generation”-Schauspielern Jonathan Frakes (Commander William Thomas Riker) und Marina Sirtis (Counselor Deanna Troi) 2005 in der “Star Trek: Enterprise”-Episode „Dies sind die Abenteuer“ („These Are the Voyages…“).


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